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The rest of the book is packed with more great CGI programming information and examples:

Chapter 7: Working With Strings: Comparing, replacing, reversing, and splitting strings; changing case
Chapter 8: Server-Side Includes: a complete list of Apache SSI directives; how to include files and execute CGI programs using SSIs
Chapter 9: Working with Numbers: Numeric functions and operators, random numbers, a random image program, a banner ad program
Chapter 10: Redirection: Counting clicks from banner ads; redirection based on referring page or visitor's country; multi-site redirector
Chapter 11: Multi-Script Forms: build an online catalog and order form system Chapter 12: Searching and Sorting: Searching with grep; searching for multiple keywords; custom sorting subroutines
Chapter 13: Regular Expressions: Pattern matching and replacement
Chapter 14: Perl Modules: How to find and install modules (for both Unix and Windows), validating e-mail addresses with Email::Valid; uploading files from a form; a graphical counter program; e-mailing attachments with MIME::Lite
Chapter 15: Date and Time: Calculating and formatting dates and times; a countdown clock program
Chapter 16: Database Programming: Working with MySQL and the Perl DBI (database independent) module.
Chapter 17: HTTP Cookies: How to set, read, delete and track cookies; develop a cookie-based shopping cart
Chapter 18: Writing Your Own Modules: How to write a module for sharing common code.
Chapter 19: CGI Security: Protecting your site from hackers and spammers
Chapter 20: Password Protection: HTTP-authentication and cookie-based authentication; user registration program; password change programs; logout program
Appendix A: Unix Tutorial and Command Reference

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