Connecting via Telnet

DOS includes a basic telnet client. From Windows, just go under "Start"->"Run" and type "C:\WINDOWS\telnet.exe":

Click OK. A new telnet window will open. Go under "Connect" and choose "Remote System":

You'll get a pop-up window with places to type the host name, port, and terminal type. Type the actual name or IP address of the host you want to connect to. Port should be "telnet" or 23, and terminal type should be vt100. (Please note that if you try the example below, you won't actually be able to login to unless you have a user account there.)

Click "Connect", and you'll be connected. You'll have to type your username at the login: prompt, and your password at the password: prompt. If you enter a valid username and password, you'll then be logged in:

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