CGI Programming 101: Chapter 10: Randomness

The text and programs here are from the first edition of CGI Programming 101. This has been replaced by the 2nd edition; please click here to view the updated material from the 2nd edition.

Name Description a random quote generator. This lacks the Content-type line, so it's not a CGI. a random image generator. This just takes a list of image files, and prints an <img> tag for the selected image.
randoms.html Demo page for the random quote script, random image script, and random ad banner script. Random password generator (source code)
randpass.html Random password generator (example)
bannerad.txt Random banner ad (source code)
bannerad.cgi Random banner ad (example)

All text and scripts are excerpted from CGI Programming 101, and are copyright © 1999 by Jacqueline D. Hamilton. Unauthorized reproduction of this material is prohibited.

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