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For further Perl reference, I highly recommend Programming Perl, by Larry Wall, Tom Christiansen and Randal L. Schwartz. This is the official "bible" of the Perl language; it's an invaluable reference, and really a must-have if you plan to do more advanced programming with Perl. It covers all aspects of the language - functions, syntax, regular expressions, standard modules, and lots more.

I also suggest the Perl 5 Pocket Reference, written by Johan Vromans and published by O'Reilly. This tiny handbook is a great reference to Perl's essential functions, packed into 68 pages.

There are a number of other excellent Perl/CGI books available; check out the books page for a more complete list.

Serious Perl coders will want to subscribe to The Perl Journal, a quarterly publication devoted to the Perl programming language. Visit for more information.

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