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Loren K. Wiseman

I've been a game designer and developer for many years, first for Game Designers' Workshop, and then for Steve Jackson Games as the GURPS® Traveller® line manager and editor of the online Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society.

I am a historian by training and a miniatures player for relaxation. Some of my GDW books are still available through (click on the store link at the bottom), from time to time I offer surplus items from my personal collection, and my GT books are at SJ Games' online store, Warehouse 23. I'm also creating RPG- and miniatures-related PDFs.

This site is a "work in progress," so come back from time to time and see what I've been up to. I'll be adding more Traveller-related material as time goes by, and maybe something for the other game series I've worked on as well.

Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design Hall of Fame -- 2003

Best Roleplaying Adventure, 1986 -- Going Home (Twilight: 2000)

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