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Ancient Miniatures

My earliest miniature wargames were in the ancient period, the period of my primary historical interest, Imperial Rome, but I soon branched out to other times and places. I've long had an interest in pre-gunpowder warfare, and over the years I've tried a number of rules sets, both commercial and home-grown. I used the ancients rules published by the Wargames Research Group, starting as far back as their 3rd edition and continuing on through the 7th. I experimented with DBA and DBM for a time, but I soon determined that I enjoyed low level skirmish games more than grand-scale battles. I think this is because I am a very slow painter, and I've never been able to get together the hordes of painted minis needed for large battles. I began to tinker with various skirmish rules, and (like most miniatures players) I am still tinkering, more than two decades later. The problem is that I am very easily sidetracked, primarily by WWII, because of Frank Chadwick's Command Decision rules. I have also been involved in the playtest of Frank's Ancient Conquest rules, which allow recreation of historical battles with a reasonably small number of figures.

I've recently begun photographing my painted miniatures with a digital camera (which is a lot easier to convert to JPEG files than a conventional camera). The results are not the finest pictures in the world (as you'll see for yourself), but I hope you find them interesting. I'll be adding more periods as I photograph more of my collection (hopefully my photography will improve with practice). Click on a button to go to the relevant page.

 Prehistory and Fantasy

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