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I have many relatives with e-mail, but so far only one of them has a website:

 My youngest brother, John C. Wiseman.

I'm sure I'll discover other relations with websites, and I'll add those as they tell me about them.

I have many friends who do not have websites (as far as I know), so the following is by no means a comprehensive list of my friends, merely a subset of that group who have websites. Presented in no particular order:

 Frank Chadwick: Frank is one of my oldest friends, a former partner, and one of the world's premier game designers. He doesn't have a website, but Barry Geipel's Command Decision site might as well be Frank's too.

 Marc Miller: Marc is another old friend and partner from the GDW days, an award-winning designer who is still in charge of the Traveller universe (which he created in 1977).

 Steve Jackson: I've known Steve for many years, and he is one of the premier designers in the business.

 Dave Arneson: Co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons, and co-inventor or the role-playing hobby. I've never worked with Dave professionally, but we share a number of common interests, including history, miniature wargaming, and RPGs. He and I are currently working with Mike Stackpole (see below) on a project for GAMA (the Game Manufacturers' Association).

 Gary Gygax: Co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons, and co-inventor or the role-playing hobby. I had the pleasure of knowing Gary for many years before I got to work with him on the Dangerous Journeys project for GDW, Inc.

 Liz Danforth: I started working with Liz back in the days when I was buying art for the old print Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society.

 William H. Keith: I often think one of my most important contributions to Traveller was to hire Bill for illustrations in JTAS. Bill created much of the look and feel that the game has, and is responsible for it's success in no small degree. He and his brother Andrew (who is, sadly, deceased), wrote many of the game's best products for GDW, Inc., and other companies.

 Mike Stackpole: Mike and I served on the Game Manufacturers' Association's Media Watch Committee. Mike's a well-known author and game designer, and his works are too numerous to list here (besides, he does it on his own site).

 Leslie Culton: I met Leslie at DragonCon '98 in Atlanta. She's an actress, dancer, cosplayer, and gamer.

 James Maliszewski: James is a writer for Traveller in several of its incarnations, as well as numerous other games.

 Barry Geipel: Barry runs the CD Mailer and the CD Website, and has been a Traveller fan for many years. Barry does halcyon service for the CD players of the world.

I'm the first to admit I don't play RPGs that often. RPGs are how I make my living, I play tabletop miniatures wargames for relaxation. My budget is too small to afford any significant number of computer games.

 SJ Games: I would be remiss if I didn't mention the considerable quantity of RPG products produced by Steve Jackson Games, especially GURPS Traveller.

 Far Future Enterprises: This is Marc Miller's official Traveller site, and a center for numerous other Traveller related links.

 The Traveller Mailing List: This is the Grand Central Station of for Traveller fans. There's a lot of traffic here, but most of it is valuable, and this is the single, most concentrated gathering of Traveller fans in the world.

 SJ Games Traveller Links: Rather than repeat a batch of links here, this link will take you to the GURPS Traveller links page, from which you can find pretty much anything you need connected with Traveller, in all its forms.

Miniature wargaming is my hobby, and here are a few of my favorite minis related sites.

 IRBW: I'm selling a number of humorous items under the general theme of "I'd Rather Be Wargaming." I suppose you could say I've taken to dealing in order to support my habit 
: - )

 Historical Miniatures Gaming Society (East): Through this link, you can find the various other HMGS branches.

 The Miniatures Page: This is a comprehensive and well-maintained list of miniatures, manufacturers and news about the industry. The page covers all genres and all scales of gaming miniatures.

 SJ Games' Miniatures Pages: This page will give you the latest news on the various SJ Games miniatures lines.

These reflect my interest in Roman history and the Second World War.

 Center for Military History: The US Army's Center for Military History has a lot of interesting things, including the text of an increasing number of reference works.

 Armamentarivm: A website specializing in Roman weapons and armor.

 The Ermine Street Guard: This is one of the world's oldest and best known historical recreation groups, specializing in Roman military recreations and performances.

 Hadrian's Wall Website: The website for the Roman frontier fortifications in Britain.

 National Archives and Records Administration: This is the place to start if you're looking for photos, military records, and the other official records of American history.

 World War Two Website Association This is pretty much self-explanatory.

 My Dog Murphy: My Dog Murphy is a website selling WWII propaganda posters (Rosie the Riveter, Uncle Sam "I Want You," and so on) on T-shirts, mousepads, and other items. Check 'em out!

These are a batch of links I could not classify into one of the other categories:

 SFWA: This is the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer's of America, the SF&F author's organization, of which I am a member.

 CGI 101: I use graphics from this site on my new home page. There are a lot of useful things there.

 Wordplay: One of the more useful and entertaining websites dealing with screenwriting.

 The Onion: For those of you who like your satire laid on thick, this is the place.

Revised: 10 Nov 2001