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When I was in grade school, I had the usual shoe boxes full of toy soldiers, and did the usual "I shot you no you didn't" games with them. In 7th or 8th grade, I got some of the Airfix 20mm plastic soldiers, and started building dioramas with them, and soon progressed to painting 54mm miniatures. Sometime in my freshman year in high school, I started wargaming, first board games, then miniatures. Sadly, after several moves, most of my early work is gone which is no great loss, really, most of it was pretty bad.

My painting technique is basically impressionistic if it looks good on the table from a couple of feet away, that is what counts. I believe that since wargame figures are intended to be handled, you shouldn't lavish too much attention on their painting after all, they will be grabbed by the fistful, mashed, dropped in the bean dip, and tossed casually around the table by players with pizza grease all over their hands. For this reason, I am also a believer in the use of many, many coats of protective varnish. For some samples of my work, here are a few buttons:

     Ancients (including prehistoric and fantasy)


     15th-18th century

     American Civil War

     Colonial/Victorian SF


     Science Fiction

     Terrain and Buildings

     Large Scale Figures and Busts


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Revised 28 October 2004.