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September 10, 2011: This is my first update in quite a while, and I apologize for the delay. As you probably know, I had a heart attack on August 1 2010, and underwent bypass surgery on the 4th, which left me a little under the weather (details here. I am beginning to recover but things are never going to be the way they were, expecially since I have also been diagnosed as a insulin dependent diabetic, which means I now have a $240 a month insulin-and-other-medications habit (and no medical insurance). Those who wish to help me out should make a donation through the Paypal button on this page.

23 July, 2008: I'm a guest at Gen-Con UK!

2 February, 2008: Added new PDFs.

9 October, 2007: Added Large Scale Figures and Busts page to the Miniatures section.

27 February, 2007: The third of my PDF products, 20-ton Launch.

14 April, 2006: The second of my PDF products, 600-ton Subsidized Liner.

11 April, 2006: I'm out of the "Regina" shoulder flash.

11 November, 2005: 4518 unit patches available in limited quantities.

2 July, 2005: Added AAGAD and Origins Award emblems to home page.

7 May, 2005: My friend and SF author John M. Ford has penned a short poem in my honor.

16 December, 2004: Just in time for Christmas, my first PDF product is for sale on my PDF page.

29 October, 2004: Changing webhosts, which may cause some minor problems. I took the opportunity to reset the counter.

27 June, 2004: I am now offering my hand-painted chess sets through Warehouse 23. There are three styles: Isle of Lewis, Medieval German, Victorian Pattern. Just another item to help pay the bills while I look for a day job.

20 June, 2004: At the suggestion of the members of the TML, I've started a "donation button" (to the left) for anyone who'd like to help me out while I'm unemployed. If you'd like to help pay my bills, send me $1 or ten to help me out. If I get enough contributions, I won't have to take a day job and will have more time available to supply you fans with Traveller-related stuff.

28 May, 2004: Very soon, I will be offering PDFs for sale over the web. I am discussing a license with Far Future Enterprises to enable me to produce licensed, official Traveller products.

1 February, 2004: I now have my own, personal, customized filksong!

20 September, 2003: Expanded products at “I’d Rather Be Wargaming” and “Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow” stores. Also, the complete series Firefly DVD was released December 9, 2003, and can be ordered from Amazon using the link below (which will get me a kickback from Amazon, at no extra cost to you):

Other movies you might be interested in getting through Amazon can be ordered using the links here.

18 April, 2003: Added link from home page to my E-Bay auction page.

2-9 April, 2003: Revised various pages using the new nebula graphics, continuing my efforts to bring some consistency to the site.

22 September, 2002: Added photo of me and actress Virginia Hey (of Farscape, The Road Warrior and others) taken at Dragon*Con 2002.

2 November, 2001: Redesigned home page using new graphics.

9 November, 2001: Added mouseover buttons to SF pages and added L. Sprague de Camp page.

10 November, 2001: Added Links page.