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The Stone Age

The photo above is a knife a friend of mine made for me. The blade is knapped from chert, and is especially interesting because it has a crinoid stem embedded in it. The handle is a piece of stag antler (polished with sand and a piece of suede), bound to the blade with artificial sinew. It's not based on any actual prototype, but I find it interesting. Maybe I'll make a scabbard for it someday.

I'll have updates to this page from time to time.

The Americas

Few people realize that there was a city of ca. 20,000 inhabitants near what is now East St Louis Illinois during what is called the Middle ages in Europe. Study the links below to get an idea how sophisticated the Mississippian culture was, even though they were a stone age culture. Very little is known for certain about the city and its inhabitants. The French ran into the tag-ends of the culture in the 17th century in Natchez, but the primary source of information is the site itself and the artifacts found there.

Another group of interest to me is the Maritime Archaic culture, sometimes known as "The Red Paint people."

The Bronze Age

Andre Norton's novel The Time Traders dealt with time travelers to Britain's Bronze Age, and it was there that I first learned of the "beaker people," named because of their drinkingware. There are still many theories of who these people were, and I suggest that you draw your own conclusions from the links and references on this page.