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 4518th Patches: I have run out of the SAS (Starman Adventure Systems) 4518th Lift Infantry Regiment (Duke of Regina's Own Huscarles) unit patches. Sorry.

 PDFs: My first tentative steps into e-commerce are now available.

 Chess Sets: I am now offering my hand-painted chess sets through Warehouse 23. There are three styles: Isle of Lewis, Medieval German, Victorian Pattern. I play chess, but I am very, VERY bad at it. However, I am fascinated by the history of the game, and the different forms that the pieces have taken over the centuries. Making these sets lets me satisfy my urge to make things with my hands, and selling them subsidizes my other hobbies.

 Wargaming Paraphernalia: Through my "I'd Rather Be Wargaming" page, I'm selling wargame-related items. Show your devotion to your chosen hobby!

 EGBT: Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow -- you not only know about the conspiracy -- you are the conspiracy!

 My SF filmography, where you can see my thumbnail reviews of my favorite SF films and TV shows (and buy them through Amazon).

 E-Bay: Like most people, I've accumulated a lot of things over the years, and I picked up a lot of it when GDW, Inc. went out of business a few years ago. When I moved to Texas, I couldn't afford to move everything at once, so I left much of it in a storage locker, and I'm having it shipped to me a little at a time. I have less room in Texas than I did in Illinois, so as some of it arrives, I need to sell off a few duplicates. I'm not a retailer I'm just selling off some extra stuff I have, like at a yard sale. I originally had them listed here, but selling them through E-Bay is easier for me to update, so for the time being, anything I'm selling will be listed there.