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Partial List of Publications

I have included only highlights prior to 1990 (I worked on almost every GDW product in one way or another). I'm not sure how many of the GDW books are still available. I've included a link at the left to SJ Games' listing of out of print & used game dealers, who may have some in stock, but I can make no guarantees. Some books may be available through Amazon (see the link below).

2007: Wrote and illustrated 20-Ton Launch and Private Railroad Car (self-published).

2006: Wrote and illustrated 30-Ton Ship's Boat and 600-Ton Subsidized Liner (self-published).

2005: Researched and wrote capsule biographies for 90+ historical personages in Burn in Hell (SJ Games, with Steve Jackson and Giles Schildt). Wrote and illustrated 30-Ton Ship's Boat (self-published).

2004: Wrote GURPS Traveller: Nobles (SJ Games, with Jon Zeigler) and The Interstellar Wars (SJ Games, with Jon Zeigler and Paul Drye).

2001: Wrote PS5 Tobibak (SJ Games, with Scott Haring) and PS1 Kamsii (SJ Games, with Steve Jackson).

2000: Wrote GT Modular Cutter (SJ Games, with Andy Akins).

1998: Wrote GURPS Traveller (SJ Games).

1990-1997: Wrote portions of Aliens (Imperium games), portions of Aliens of the Rim, Volume I: Hiver & Ithklur (GDW), World Tamer's Handbook (GDW), Star Viking (GDW), Reformation Coalition Equipment Guide (GDW), and Smash and Grab (GDW). Developed and edited East Europe Sourcebook for Twilight: 2000 (GDW, Craig Sheeley author), edited Mythus Prime by re-arranging and editing materials from Mythus, Mythus Magick, Mythus Bestiary, and Epic of Ærth, originally authored by Gary Gygax, Dave and Michele Newton. Partial editing of Mythus Bestiary, (GDW, Gary Gygax, Dave and Michele Newton authors). Oversaw conversion of Twilight: 2000, second Edition to Twilight: 2000 version 2.2. Wrote Operation Crouching Dragon (GDW), edited Proto-Dimensions, volume I and Empathic Sourcebook, (both for GDW's Dark Conspiracy), wrote Twilight: 2000 Referee's Screen. Wrote Organization and Equipment of the USMC in WWII. (with Greg Novak, Command Post magazine special supplement). Wrote Organization and Equipment of the Imperial Japanese Army in WWII. (with Greg Novak, Command Post magazine special supplement). Helped research The Gulf War Fact Book. Wrote portions of The Desert Shield Fact Book (GDW, NY Times non-fiction best seller list). Wrote Burma: 1942 and 1944: Organization and Equipment of the CAI, Command Post magazine.

1986: Wrote Going Home, module for Twilight: 2000, winner of the H.G. Wells Award for Best Role-playing Adventure, 1986.

1973-1985: Designed Pharsalus (GDW), Caesar's Legions (Avalon Hill Game Company, with Donald Greenwood), and Eagles (GDW, my first published game).

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