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WWII Miniatures

I discuss my interest in the Second World War elsewhere, so I won't repeat myself here. Most of my painted miniatures for WW II are 15mm Pacific Theater of Operations (PTO), although I have a few 20mm. I have some unpainted 1/300 stuff, but not a large amount. I find the PTO interesting from a tactical standpoint, and because I (unlike most wargamers) have little interest in games with gargantuan German and Russian tanks. In the PTO, a Sherman is a heavy tank, a Stuart is survivable (in ETO games, Stuarts are usually found burning before too many turns have passed), and the 37mm gun with canister is a formidable antipersonnel weapon.

My current project is to assemble and paint a USMC regiment (suitable for 1943-1945), and a quantity of Japanese to oppose them in some island-hopping games, using the assorted landing craft and amphibious transport I am assembling. Later, I'll do some ANZACs and other Commonwealth troops and maybe do some Malayan games.

For the playtest of the original version of Command Decision, I had assembled my first significant WW II unit, a 1944 US parachute infantry regiment, but that did not survive the move from Illinois to Austin very well. I have considerable repair work before those grizzled veterans are ready for action again, as you can see. These warriors tested the paradrop rules, landed in Normandy, defended Bastogne, took the Son bridge in Holland, and posed for numerous photographs that appeared in assorted CD books by GDW I won't be retiring them any time soon, but they are on R&R for a while. I have some other odds and ends of units in 20mm assembled for CD, but most of them are still packed away. Those that aren't can be found here.

Command Decision

Command Decision (currently in it's 3rd edition, with a 4th being written) by my friend Frank Chadwick, is my rules set of choice for WW II. It is designed for grand tactical battles (regimental or higher) and I like it a great deal. CD has a mailing list and a website, and if you are interested in WW II you should check them both out even if you don't use the rules, you'll find the discussions worth the effort.