This is the source code and links for Chapter 9 of CGI Programming 101.

Chapter 9: Working with Numbers

Name Description
c2f-cgi.html Celsius to Fahrenheit converter (source code)
c2f.html Celsius to Fahrenheit converter (example)
randquote-cgi.html Random Quotes Program (source code)
randquote.cgi Random Quotes Program (example)
randimg-cgi.html Random Image Program (source code)
randimg.cgi Random Image Program (example)
randurl-cgi.html Random URL Program (source code)
randurl.cgi Random URL Program (example)
ad-cgi.html Random Banner Ad Program (source code)
ad.cgi Random Banner Ad Program (example)
randomstuff.html Random Stuff Page (HTML)
adtally-cgi.html Banner Ad Tally Program (source code)
adtally.cgi Banner Ad Tally Program (example)