Sample Chapters

CGI Programming 101 will show you how to add guestbooks, page counters, shopping carts and other interactive elements to your website. It's easy to learn; if you know HTML, you can learn CGI. You don't need any prior programming experience.

The first six chapters from the book are available below (or you can download them as a printable PDF file - 78 pages, 609K). Get started today!


What is CGI? Why learn it? What do you need to get started?


Getting Started

Where to write your programs; how to upload to the server; changing permissions; writing your first CGI


Perl Variables

Scalars, arrays, and hashes


CGI Environment Variables

Using data from environment variables; writing forms using HTTP GET


Processing Forms and Sending Mail

Writing forms using HTTP POST: a form-to-mail CGI


Advanced Forms and Perl Control Structures

Handling radio buttons, checkboxes, and select fields; writing a survey/poll CGI


Reading and Writing Data Files

File permissions; how to open, read, write, and close files

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