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I just wanted to let you know that since I read your book about 2 years ago, I have created programs that just years ago were a dream. Our business now runs our own billing/invoicing software, numerous scripts that help make our staff more efficient, and so much more! All written in perl that I was able to learn from reading your book.

I am a novice. I have read several of the tutorials trying to teach myself pearl. I found your tutorial excellent and easy to follow. It was nice to read something that made sense to a layman.
-- Roy Bridgewood

I dont just know the words to quantify this your website. But in summary this is the best "CGI Bible website". I have been writing a lot in perl and have seen many perl cook books but not CGI. Once again thank you for you "CGI cooked website".
-- Victor Ature

Wow... I've been taking the time to learn Perl for a job, and this resource really helped me alot. I will definitely go out and buy the book now, since this online resource was just amazing.

Great class. Learned a lot of things that I thought would never be teachable for free. Thanks a bunch for providing and teaching me a thing or two about CGI!
-- Rob Healey

Just what I needed to get me started. I've done loads of ASP and ASPX and some Perl admin scripts, and needed a quick intro to Perl CGI. Thanks much!

You guys have a great tutorial, hands down the best one I saw out on the web. I have used Perl for awhile, but never in the context of CGI. I was off and running in a VERY short time. Great step-by-step explinations!!
-- JM

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! After messing around with CGI, mailmerge and other stuff, on and off, for coming up for a year now with zero success I saw your website yesterday. Within a few hours I worked through the first 6 chapters and I am now GETting and POSTing with confidence. I've just ordered your book - it is nicely written and well rehearsed.
-- Mike Watts

Great site. Best tutorial I've ever used. I like how the tutorial covers areas outside the subject area (like chmod) for users who are not familiar with those commands. Thank you very much. I hope you develop other great online material.
-- Noel Gomez

So many cgi and perl books focus on the science of programming and can turn away people looking for practical help. This is a great book for people needing to create practical applications for use in business like emailing and storing form submission info -- not logarithms etc. Plus, once you get through cgi101, you will have more confidence, and the more technical stuff will start to make sense.
-- Andrew Hughes

I was struggling around with different ready-to-use cgi scripts for some years now. Most of them covered only a part of my needs. At last I decided to write my own scripts. cgi101 seems to cover exactly my needs: easy to learn and really useable scipt examples. Exacly the applications that I was looking for: form-processing with sendmail, database and simple order processing. I am amazed how easy things can be!
-- Oliver Wild

Within one month after purchasing your book, I have written and sold CGI scripts that facilitate customer service in my industry. Your explanations and instructions are far and above anything on the market today. Thank you!
-- Guy Davis

Extremely clear and coincise tutorials. I referenced four different books on CGI/PERL, to a problem that I had been agonizing over for the past three days only to be disappointed by the unnecessarily complicated examples and presentation of content in those books. Ten minutes into chapter 6: Reading & Writing Data Files, of your free online material, Voilla! problem solved! I'm able to use my CGI Script with an HTML page to obtain, group and store user input into several .dat files. Thank you so very much, I will sleep peacefully tonight!
-- Izzy Khan

Just wanted to let you all know that under the hood of Mac OS X, Apple's latest OS, is BSD Unix. If you have OS X, use the Terminal (Utilities directory) to access the unix command line and code away!
-- John Severton

Thank you Jacqueline for a book which has finally made the light bulb click in my mind! I've been trying to learn cgi spradically over the past 2 years... never make it past chapter 4 in the 'recommended' best how-to books. I'm now on Chapter 8, have fully understood everything I've read and how it works, and am looking forward to finally getting my websites up and running! I think this book is a must for webmasters who've been boggled by the technical books.

Nice job on this tutorial. I already program in several languages, and I have been playing with CGI for almost two years now, but never had enough of the basics to really break in and get dirty with it. I have a need to write a large database handling program, and going through your tutorial has really helped a lot. It seems most other CGI resources cater to those with more advanced knowledge of the language. Yours really breaks it down and makes it quite easy to understand. Thanks.
-- Tim Pauly

My compliments on your MOST FANTASTIC PERL EXPLANATION I've ever seen!!! After having studied lots of other books, I learned more from these pages than the other entire books!

Great book,thouroughly recommended to anyone wanting to learn Perl or Cgi. Everything is laid out really well and not written as though you are a rocket scientist, unlike other books I tried and binned. -- Kevin Stuttard

I am a college professor of one computer institution in the Philippines, I was given a load about this CGI last summer and was surprised because I really dont know how.. until I found your page. This site has helped me as well as my students to fully understand CGI Programming. Thanks. -- Oliver Sta. Maria

I used to think CGI programming are only for experts. After reading your book I find thats not true. The book was written in a lucid style. I expect the author to offer other levels of CGI programming in the near future. -- Venkatarajan Mathura

What a great book. I landed a great client because I spent a few hours with the online tutorial and wrote a killer forms handling script for him. I immediately ordered the book and was even more impressed with the clarity and the depth. Though I have taught Computer Science at the university level, I never had such a great textbook available. -- Ken Loomis

I would like to THANK YOU for your fantastic "CGI Programming 101" course. I have learned more about CGI/PERL in one hour than in the past 3 months ! -- Yves Casaubon

I loved this tutorial, absolutely. The only bad part in my opinion is that the whole thing isn't online. Guess I'll have to get the book! The introduction and tutorial got be coding and scripting in no time. I can finally finish those hard-to-decipher scripts I have. -- 'Brando' Stevens

This online class is GREAT! I can learn perl step by step. Although I am a novice, I think it is easy to understand the content. Anyway, this is an EXCELLENT online class! -- Siu Mei

Being a 'front-end' web designer, I have always wanted to learn the art of programming websites using cgi/perl. However, I thought that to program in cgi would be a very complicated task, until I came across this website. I would like to thank the author for presenting such an EXCELLENT tutorial online, from which we can easily learn and grasp the concepts. Keep up the Work! -- Mili Wijeratne

That was the fastest time that I've ever learnt a set of new skils, 1.5 hours reading on the train, 1 hour practice and then hey presto, instant scripts. Thankyou very much, I wish all courses were as simple! -- David Wilkins

Whoa! Finally I have found the source I have been surfing for during the last few months! Honestly, your tutorials have proved to be my savior and thus relieving me of this migraine I have from trying to teach myself perl/cgi. I'll tell you what, I have just finished reading the book excerpts, tried out a few of the ideas w/ success each time, and when I hit this "send comments" button, I'm going straight to the 'Order the Book' page! Thanks so much. Do us all a favor and keep up the great work!!! -- Chris

Even though I know some perl already, there is no resource on the web that I've found that is as helpful as yours! I'd always wondered how you read and set cookies with perl and retrive the user's username and ip address. I'v learned more from this simple tutorial than a 500 page textbook could teach me! When I get stuck on how to do something, this is the first site I check. Thank you for taking the time to make these tutorials. -- Brandon

Out of all the sites that I have seen that are cgi perl tutorials, this is by far the best. I would have never learned how to make my own scripts with administration panels if it wasn't for the help of this tutorial. Thanks.

I absolutely loved your tutorial! I learned in a day what I had been spending months trying to figure out. It was well written and took the confusion out of PERL. I learned more in this brief intro than I did in the 400 page book I read about it. THANK YOU!!! -- Logan Anderson

What a great resource! I have spent weeks of trying to use perl and CGI, with no real success. In one evening, my head was cleared and I was programming with SUCCESS. Thank you so much for your course.

I was learning CGI/PERL on this website when it was only 7 (seven) chapters long! I -according to me- aleady got the ropes of CGI. Man, I ought to admit that this is the best tutorial on the web I've ever follow. Thanks for your service!
--Michael Wilson

Your CGI Programming 101 is EXCELLENT!! I especially like the immediate results and working in the UNIX shell (from my little-'ol PC). I tried using several other tutorials, to little avail... Thank you for taking the time to offer these lessons!

I was recently looking to learn about CGI and Perl for a client project I'm working on and came across your pages. This format fits the bill perfectly for me. I've done a lot of programming in other languages but I needed a way to get up to speed quickly with CGI. The layout and examples all worked fine for me (except I need to get my ISP to give me clear CGI execution from the server!).

I appreciate your cgi programming class 101 very much! Of the huge long list of web links our instructor told us to read, yours is the only one I've found to be really useful.

Thanx for putting up your tutorial. I am a student at Cornell who needed to get a very fast introduction to CGI scripting using Perl. Due to your work, I now have a very nice job on campus managing a web page.

I wish to compliment you on your site and class! I have learned more about Perl & CGI from lesson one than from either of the books which I purchased and have puzzled over for the last few weeks. Thank You!

I've been looking for a information on learning cgi script. I must say that you have made the best site on this subject. You have presented it so clearly That I will be confortable writting cgi in just a few days!! My hat is off to you and thank you.

Your CGI Programming 101 has been a great help to me. I've programmed for years in lots of languages but never perl and was looking for a good place to get practical clearly written information to help me get started. Yours was the best I found. Less than 1 day after I found your course I am processing forms. Hope to have my guestbook up and running in another day or two. I just wanted to say thanks. I appreciate the hard work, the clearly written examples, and the excellent organization that went into your project.

I would like to THANK YOU for your fantastic resource on CGIs, thanks to you, things are clear to me now(and some of my CGIs actually work) I've tried a lot of scripts on the web- yours really work, most I've found I have not gotten to run. Your writing style is excellent and quite clear, even to a newbie like me.

There is no language in the world that can express how we are excited of your online CGI programming class! Searching for online resources on Perl, we have found that your course is the best ever introduction to programming in Perl for the Internet applications.

FINALLY!!! This is the first place I've found that can teach PERL to me. Thanks for doing this, and keep the updates coming! On that note, please put me on the class mailing list!

I would just like to let you know that I am SOOOO glad I came across this web site. In just 2 hours, I already learned more about CGI and Perl than I have since I started writing web pages. I have searched for useful sites to help learn the basics of CGI, and have even considered a course. But they all assume you have a bit of programming experience. I do, but not for languages such as Perl. I am truly thankful, and look forward to your adding more lessons. Thank you once again.

I have learned more from your site in this 45 min sitting then in the past 3 months of flipping through books. THANK YOU!

THIS SITE IS HEAVEN ON THE WEB!!! I sincerely appreciate the section entitled "CGI programming 101" I have pickedup up cgi in these last few days and already I'm organizing my web site to handle all sorts of searches on over 10000 parts.

I must say I have attacked perl and CGI before, but left bewildered. I'm a database programmer, so it was irritating to find this so difficult. Your class really helped me out. The CGI was needed to write is nearly finished, and I have a much better understanding of how the language works, and how CGIs are written. Thanks.

I have been searching for many weeks to find a website that could explain cgi scripting to me in a way that I could (1) use and (2) understand. After searching and darn near giving up with pages that assumed I would just know what things like {}, chmod, ||, and other such codes mean, I found your page. A GREAT PAGE for the webmaster who is not a computer programmer nor a fulltime webmaster (and a little thick when it comes to such matters). Thanks a bunch for your help. I got through lesson four and had a cgi script ready to go to handle a form that I created. GREAT WORK!!!!

Your web site is spectacularly fantastic. I adore the nice way you've put things of the web. The fear for CGI scripts that I once had has vanished completely just because I visited your site esp. the web tools section. I appreciate your excellent work.

I'm *SO* excited! I just wrote my first .cgi script, thanks to your excellent tutorial! I needed to direct people from a no-longer-available .cgi page they were being sent to from a very out-of-date external link on an apparently abandoned website. It was easy, and I'm so happy to have been able to do it and not lose hundreds of visitors a week to my website. THANKS! Best wishes.

I just wanted to compliment you and to say thanks for your online "CGI Programming 101" course. It's the clearest and most useful tutorial I've found - I got my scripts to work right away thanks to your course, after a week of frustration with other printed and online materials. Please continue!

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