CGI Programming 201

The first sequel to CGI Programming 101 covered how to write advanced multi-script CGI projects by creating a web message board. The book covered:

  • Site Design: Who is your site for? What tasks will visitors perform?
  • MySQL Database Design
  • Developing a central module for your project
  • How to choose, download and install Perl modules from CPAN
  • How to filter out HTML tags from messages
  • How to limit the number of messages displayed per page
  • How to create a password-protected administration area for your message board, with scripts to let you manage the board
  • How to expire old messages automatically
  • How to convert your message board scripts into a Web Log ("blog") for online journals or news stories

CGI Programming 201 is out of print. If you'd be interested in buying a digital e-book of CGI Programming 201, please add your name here. If I get enough interest, I'll create a digital version.

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