CGI Programming 101: Chapter 17: Perl Modules

The text and programs here are from the first edition of CGI Programming 101. This has been replaced by the 2nd edition; please click here to view the updated material from the 2nd edition.

Name Description
firstmod.txt Hello World using (source code)
firstmod.cgi Hello World using (example)
formmod.txt Simple form using (source code)
formmod.cgi Simple form using (example)
formmod2.txt Simple form parser using (source code)
formmod3.txt All-in-one form and CGI (source code)
formmod3.cgi All-in-one form and CGI (example)
formmod4.txt All-in-one form and CGI 2 (source code)
formmod4.cgi All-in-one form and CGI 2 (example)
upload.html File Upload (example)
upload.txt File Upload (source code)
count.html Page Counter (example)
count.txt Page Counter (source code)
icount.txt Counter (GIF-creator) using (revised 8/29/01 to display PNGs)

All text and scripts are excerpted from CGI Programming 101, and are copyright © 1999 by Jacqueline D. Hamilton. Unauthorized reproduction of this material is prohibited.


The counter examples using in the book will not work with newer versions of GD, because the GD library no longer supports writing GIFs due to the Unisys patent on ZW compression.

The icount.txt link above shows source code using the newer version of GD which creates PNG images.

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